The National SEND Audit 2023

Welcome to the SEND Leadership Audit tool for schools (mainstream and special), colleges and Aps. We hope that this tool will help to assess your setting’s strengths and areas for development across 7 key areas of SEND leadership. This is also your opportunity to contribute to national policy and get a national report on SEND Leadership across the country.

Dr Anita Devi

SEND Expert Consultant

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How to complete the SEND audit 2023

The audit comprises 7 sections, each containing 10 statements. For optimal results, we recommend the head teacher or principal collaborates with the designated special educational needs and disability lead (SENCO). Rate each statement with a RAG (Red, Amber, Green) designation:

Not Evident

Beneath each statement, find the symbol. Click it to provide your RAG rating rationale and attach evidence. While the evidence won't be in the summary report, it's valuable for discussions with governors, trustees, and regulatory bodies. Where the statement includes (S) this refers to Statutory Requirements.

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Tailoring the Audit to your context

We understand that applying a single audit across diverse settings is challenging. If a statement seems irrelevant, use your best judgment to align it with your context. For instance, both mainstream and special schools prioritize high-quality teaching, albeit with variations. "Pupil" or "learner" denotes students, even those in Post 16 education.

Honesty and collaboration

Our experience shows that candid, authentic responses achieved through collaboration yield the most impactful results. Embrace the opportunity to foster improvement and drive your next steps.

Need further assistance? Question or suggestions?

Reach out to us anytime by email. Dr. Anita Devi and her team are here to guide you towards practical solutions that bring recommendations to life.

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Why use the SEND Audit 2023?

The SEND Audit 2023 serves a dual purpose:

Local empowerment

Identify your strengths and growth areas through this comprehensive audit. Upon completion, receive a personalized summary report, including actionable recommendations. Prioritize these insights for both short-term and long-term strategic planning. The summary report also aids regulatory conversations.

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Influencing National Policy

Contribute to shaping national policy anonymously. Your data, blended with submissions from others, will inform future education policy without revealing specific settings.
We will be holding a National Report Webinar once the survey is completed. You will receive joining instructions in early October.
Rest assured, we uphold data protection and ethical guidelines.

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Together, we can make a difference from the ground up.